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Final tasks

After you complete the installation, you must finalize a number of tasks.


Setup a cron job to be executed every 15 minutes. It can be run by any user, as far as they can execute a shell and run curl

*/15 * * * * curl http://admin.mydomain.org/gate/cron.php -fs

Then connect to your new IPS administrative interface (admin.mydomain.org) and set your server IP in the configuration page of the administration section (admin.mydomain.org/admin/config.php).

You may want to verify this setting running the cron job from the command line

# curl http://admin.mydomain.org/gate/cron.php -fs

In addition, verify that there are no errors in the main log (again under the administration section in admin.mydomain.org/admin/log.php)

IPS registration

Login in the administrative interface. You should see a message asking for registration on IPS server (updates.phpeace.com). Follow the link and complete the requested information.

This step is important in order to receive automatic updates.

Administration settings

Login in the administrative interface and enter the configuration page under the administration section (admin.mydomain.org/admin/config.php).
Double-check the current settings then change them accordingly.

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