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System configuration set-up

PhPeace is intentionally designed so that users do not need direct access to the file system and can accomplish all their tasks via a web-based interface. Most configuration options are managed in this way however, a number of settings are isolated in a configuration file stored on the file system and therefore editable by System Administrators only.

There are several good reasons behind the isolation of these settings:

  • impact on areas such as security and performance which are traditionally controlled by System Administrators
  • choices to be done at installation time and no more changeable at runtime
  • knowledge of specific characteristics of the underlying system

It is assumed that you have administrator rights on your enivornment and are able to edit the configuration file.
If not, please consult your System Administrator.

These configuration settings are set in the config.php file in the custom directory of your PhPeace installation (so the full path should be something like /var/www/myportal/custom/config.php).

The config.php file is a set of PHP classes and the main settings are written as public properties of the Config class. So it must be edited respecting PHP syntax. A systax error could result in a fatal error for all PHP pages of the portal, so pay attention when editing it.

Most settings have a default value, which is shown next to the setting itself.
PhPeace can work even if a setting is not specified in its configuration file.
Since the configuration file config.php is not upgraded by automatic updates, you may want to check the official documentation page at http://doc.phpeace.org/doc/system-configuration from time to time to figure out if any interesting setting has been introduced.

You are strongly advised to read carefully the comments in the system configuration file config.php and make the appropriate changes.
The meaning of all configuration settings is documented more in detail on http://doc.phpeace.org/doc/system-configuration.
Please note that at run-time the configuration is cached and you need to clear your browser session for any change to be applied.

Here you can find a description of the few settings that are critical to get your installation working. Their default value is specified next to each of them.

public $debug = false;

You may want to set this Boolean variable to true in order to display any potential issues during installation. Remember to set it back to false once installation is successful.

public $dbconf = array(
'user' => 'myusername',
'password' => 'mypassword',
'database' => 'mydatabase',
'server' => 'localhost');

Database connection parameters.

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